Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy New Year

Please forgive me if I have not visited your blogs lately.  I am going to grab a cup of coffee and check them out now.  I have enrolled in a doll clothes design class at Pixie Faire.  Some of you may know that sewing is another passion of mine, and I need a little break from paper crafting. I am, of course, not giving up the wonderful joy of card making, and will have to enter a challenge or two when I am inspired.  I just have so many creative interests, and it is inspiring to mix things up.  I hope to eventually design some clothes for 18 inch dolls.  Just for fun.  I own a few American Girl dolls of my own. I am just a big kid at heart.  Some of you may remember this post of mine a while back:  My Love of Dolls and well, I am at it again!


  1. Happy New Year Nancy!! Aren't we all a big kid at heart?! :) Looking forward to see your creations in the near future!

  2. Happy New Year, Nancy!! Can't wait to see what you design for your dolls!!

  3. What a talented lady you are, Nancy! I know you're going to enjoy getting back to sewing & I'll enjoy seeing what you make! I keep thinking I should be able to finish up a cross stitch project from before I started stamping--maybe this is the year!


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