Monday, September 3, 2012

Sharing my Garden

Hello creative friends.  I hope you are enjoying Labor Day.  I do not have to work today so it is always great to have three days in a row to play.  I have been cooking, working on crafts and playing with my two canine friends.  They like it when I am home as well.  They are settling into their new home quite well, and we are all so bonded.  I hope to get some more pictures of them soon.

Today I am sharing a photo of my coleus that is growing in my front yard. It really took off this year and has so many vibrant colors.  I am glad that I live in an area where the seasons change.  It may be too hot for a while, but there is always hope for the beautiful colors of Fall.

Have a GREAT day and I will be back soon with some new designs!


  1. Your coleus is lovely. Haven't had any in my yard for a few years, you are inspiring me to try some again next year. Enjoy your days!

  2. Beautiful coleus, Nancy! I planted a couple different ones in pots with my flowers this year and loved them! And yes please - show us some photos of your dogs soon - would love to see them! Glad to hear you're enjoying your new home - sending hugs! :)

  3. I'm so glad you've had some relaxing time off with your furbabies-can't wait to see more pics of them! Your coleus plants look amazing!! While I love flowers I also adore leafy plant like coleus and hostas! Looking forward to seeing some of your crafty projects!!

  4. Wow--your plants are just gorgeous, Nancy! Boy do my fur-babies love it when everyone is home!

  5. Hi Nancy long time to see - such a beautiful garden!!!


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