Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chapter Two - Mother's Day

Since Mother's Day is approaching (May 9th, one month away), I decided to post about my wonderful Grandmother, Jessie.  Isn't this photo exquisite.  Believe it or not, my Father took this photo of his Mother when he was just in his teens.  He built a darkroom in his home when he was young, and took portraits of neighboring families.  I love it, and especially love the way it is matted.  I can only imagine how gorgeous this garden photo would be if it had been in color.  I am amazed at how my Father captured such a lovely moment of his Mother.

Jessie was an amazing lady.  I have so many fond memories of my summers at her home.  It truly was the lazy days of summer.   I would lay on the davenport engrossed in a Nancy Drew mystery for hours on end.  I have always called it a sofa, but I remember Jessie referred to it as the "davenport."  Not too sure where this name originated.  I do know it was a soft, squishy,  luxurious couch.  Perfect for reading.  She had the summer slip covers on, and the fabric was very soft.  I would dream away in my mystery books.

I also had "summer friends."  Neighbors of my grandmother had children that I would play with in the summer.  One girl in particular was so much fun to visit.  Her name was Priscilla, and she lived down the street.  We would spend hours making paper dolls.  We had one set of dolls, and would design all our own clothes.  As I look back, it was so creative.  We would color them and make beautiful fabric designs as well.  Priscilla's Mother would prepare a lunch menu for us.  It was so much fun.  Just like being in a restaurant.  You could choose between peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, soup, fruit cup and of course my all time favorite, flavor straws!  The flavoring was in the straw and you would put them in a glass of milk.  My favorite was strawberry.


  1. Yes the times at Prillys home were just as much fun as being up the street at Jessie home. But I outgrew the dolls and use to help Prilly & my sister clean up the messy bedroom. Needless to say, we three did enjoy the English gardens outside, too. We would play hide and seek .
    Nancy, thanks, sis for the memories. Marcia.

  2. I'm loving reading these posts. I expected 49th Street to be in NY and was surprised to find it was in DC, an hour from me.

    I grew up in Minnesota, and it was definitely a davenport there! I thought it was such a hick term, and made sure to use "sofa" as soon as I came East!

    We're the same age. I also spent many summers reading Nancy Drew and making clothes for paper dolls, as well as sewing for my Barbie.


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